How to Find a Cat-Sitter

As a cat owner, it is natural to feel jittery at the thought of leaving your pet behind while on a trip or vacation. 

Who will feed the cats in your absence? Who will clean your cat’s litter box and keep her water refilled? And most importantly, how will your absence affect your furry friends emotionally? 

These are the questions that pop up in the head of all cat owners whenever they start planning any trip.

Feline Fandom

The best solution to such a problem is to find a cat sitter – someone to look after your cats when you’re away. It could be someone you know or a professional cat sitter. (Yes! There are people who look after other’s cats for a living!)  

However, finding someone reliable to look after your cats is not as easy as calling an electrician or a plumber. Most of you may wonder where to start looking for a cat sitter in the first place. So let’s look at all the different ways you can find a cat sitter when you plan to leave on a trip.

Feline Fandom
We love our babies, don’t we?
  • Approach someone you know

The first, and also the best option is to ask a friend or relative. You might know someone among your close family and friends who isn’t very busy and has extra time to spare. Ask them if they are willing to either stay at your place while you’re gone or if they can check in to your house and feed the cats every day. The best part of having a friend or family look after your pets is that they will most likely take good care of your pets.

  • Approach your local vet

Another great way to find a cat sitter is to simply ask your local vet about it. Vets are often well-acquainted with pet owners in the neighborhood. So if there are any professional cat sitters in your area, chances are your vet will probably know about it. If possible, inquire with your vet at least a few weeks before you are leaving. That way, even if they can’t find a cat sitter immediately, they will have time to look for one and inform you.

  • Google it
Feline Fandom
Where do you even begin to find a cat sitter?

In today’s world, it often seems like we Google everything we don’t have the answers to. So it’s no surprise that one way to look for cat sitters is to simply Google it. Type in something like “cat sitters near me” and go through the search results. If there’s any professional cat sitting services around you and you find their contact details, you can call them up to discuss an arrangement. There are also a lot of ‘gig’ sites where you can find people offering pet sitting services.

  • An Alternate Option – Cat Boarding Services
Feline Fandom
Why shouldn’t your best friend enjoy a vaca too? Find a highly rated boarding service to spoil her while you’re away!

If all your attempts to find a cat sitter doesn’t bring any results, take the other way round. Instead of finding someone to come to your house and look after your cats, why don’t you take them to someone who can shelter them for a few days? There are a lot of cat boarding services and animal shelters that will look after your cats. They don’t come to your house but rather shelter the animals in their own property. Think of them as a hotel for cats! Reputed cat boarding services will take excellent care of your furry friends in your absence.

The Next Steps

We hope that these tips we have shared will help you find a responsible cat sitter who shares the same love and passion for cats as you do. Once you find a good cat sitter, it will be a huge sigh of relief for you every time you have to travel away from your pets.

How do you find help to care for your kitties while you’re away? Have you had more luck with cat sitters or boarders? Leave a comment with your best tips.

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