How to Choose the Best Toy for Your Kitten

If you are the proud owner of a kitten, you already know how kittens play with toys. They love their toys above all else! 

Toys not only keep kittens engaged but also play a vital role in developing their brain, and in their overall well-being. 

However, with a huge variety of toys available on the market, it has become tough to choose the right one. Nearly all toys claim to stimulate the intellect and senses of a cat, but how do you know what toys your kitten might prefer?

Hidden Mouse Hunting Toy for Cats Cat Training For Cats New Arrivals
Hide and seek toys trigger the hunting instinct.

They might like to play with a plastic cap found around the house instead of the expensive toy that you bought for her. This, surely, is disappointing, but cats are cats! And what’s worse? Your little fur friend might end up swallowing these items (think of yarn, rubber bands, sewing thread, strings, and ribbon), which could prove to be detrimental and even disastrous for your kitty’s health. 

So, to be on a safer side, and to avoid such oops moments, we will recommend that you keep certain things in mind. 

Feline Fandom
Cats get bored too! Don’t forget to provide fun brain games for your kitties.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Toys for Your Cat

  • Be careful about the toys that your kitten chooses to play with. Do not allow them to play with feathers, ornaments, ribbons, yarn, strings, and the like. If any of their toys have plastic eyes glued to them, pull them off before handing over the toy to your kitten. 
  • Don’t leave any remote-controlled devices near your cat. In the worst-case scenario, your cat could remove the battery and swallow it, which is the last thing that you would ever want.
  • If your cat loves to play with plush toys, make sure that you are not giving her anything which is stuffed with beans, polystyrene beads, or nutshells.
  • Paper bags are one of the toys that kittens love. But make sure that your kitten doesn’t use them to suffocate herself. Also, do not give your cat access to plastic bags as they tend to chew and swallow plastic which could prove to be disastrous. 
  • Although balls and ping pongs make great cat toys, ensure that they are not small enough to be inhaled or swallowed. You can let your cat play with golf balls as they are of good size and cannot be easily swallowed. 
  • Do not introduce your kitten to catnip until she is at least six months old. 
Natural Catnip Treat Ball Cat Toys For Cats
Catnip balls make a fun toy to bat around and help calm an anxious kitty.

Buy Safe Cat Toys

The bottom line? Buy cat toys which not only keep them engaged but are also safe for them. Food puzzle toys for cats are one such toy that your cat will love playing with. Try providing it at mealtime for a fun brain-stimulating treat. You can also prevent boredom when you leave home by providing a food puzzle toy for your cat to keep him entertained while you’re away.

Interactive Treat Toy For Cats Cat Toys For Cats
Prepare a food puzzle when your pet is hungry. They’ll get fed, and stimulated at the same time!

Choose well-designed toys that cannot be destroyed, don’t have small pieces that could pose choking hazards, and engage your furry friend’s mind as much as their body. Chasing toys engage your kitten’s prey drive. Cats love nothing more than playing chase and will entertain themselves endlessly by catching and releasing a colorful object.

Rotating Butterfly Toy Best Sellers Cat Toys For Cats
The bobbing action of this springy butterfly toy will channel your kitten’s hunting instincts.

Which toys do your kittens love playing with the most? How often do you buy new toys for your feline friends? Does your pretty kitty have a favorite toy? Let us know in the comments below.

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