Have You Been Adopted by a Stray Cat?

How to Safely Bring a Stray into Your Life and Home

Sometimes you just walk into a road and happen to meet the love of your life. You simply want to take the stray pal to your home and make them part of your family. But adopting a stray cat is not the same as adopting from a shelter or an owner. 

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Unlike cats in a shelter, you are not aware of a stray’s personality and medical history. There are a few things to be considered and certain precautions to be taken to ensure that the stray feels welcomed in your home and you are ready to take care of it. 

Let us guide you through the necessary considerations you should take while bringing a new stray cat to your home. 

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Make Sure You Are Ready

Bringing in a new feline could change the dynamics of your existing furry family if any. You should consider the behavior and personalities of your existing pets. You should also consider whether your home can be a safe and suitable environment for a cat. 

Be sure your house has enough space and facilities to accommodate a new member. You should also be prepared to invest time and effort into caring for the cat.

Make Sure It Is Not a Lost Cat

Sometimes cats get lost from their family or abandoned. Check for any missing cats reports nearby, advertise on lampposts and check with neighbors and local shelters for any case of missing cats. By making sure the cat already doesn’t have an owner you are giving a home to a cat that actually needs it. 

Finding the owner in case of abandonment can also help you in getting more information in the cat’s personality and medical history. 

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Provide a safe place for your new family member to get away from the action of the household.

Introducing the Cat to Your Home

Always take things slow with a stray cat. Start with providing the stray with a separate room, litter box, food, and water. Make sure your new cat gets used to the environment before introducing it to your existing pets. A period of isolation is necessary when you already have other pets at home. 

Make Sure Your Stray Cat Is Healthy

A full health checkup is a mandatory step you should take if you ever plan to bring a stray cat to your house. Schedule an appointment with the veterinarian no matter how healthy the stray cat might look. 

Take care of vaccinations, deworming as the vet prescribes. You can also carry out spaying and neutering if necessary.  

Make sure you clean the stray before bringing home as strays might have mites and flea infestation. 

All these actions are necessary to ensure the safety of your new pet as well as that of your existing pets. 

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Give your new friend time to adjust to it’s surroundings and new family.

Take It Slow

Stray cats are used to behaviors like stealing and prowling. They might also be more hostile than regular cats. So they might try to scratch you and bite you if you approach haphazardly. Take it slow and gain their trust. One easy tip is to maintain eye contact and slowly blink. Cats can take time to warm up to you. 

Meanwhile, be patient and get the advice of your vet in handling your cats, feeding them and making sure they are healthy. Enjoy the friendship and lifetime companionship your cat will bring you once it opens up for you.

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Soon you’ll have a new best friend!

Have you ever been adopted by a stray? What was your experience like? Do you have any tips for readers? Do let us know in the comments below.

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