Are Cats the New Prozac?

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The Emotional And Mental Benefits Of Cat Ownership

There is no better feeling than knowing that a fluffy friend is waiting for you at home. This is the bliss of being a cat owner. Apart from playing with them, these little friends are also known to provide mental and emotional support to their owners.

Here are some of the benefits of being a cat owner.

  • Improved Sleep

One of the mental benefits of owning these furry friends is having a good night’s sleep. According to a study, cat owners prefer to sleep with pets over human beings. 

Another study revealed that around 41% of the respondents sleep better with their pets in bed, whereas only 20% said their pets caused a nuisance. Moreover, it is also found that women prefer to own cats over any other animal as their pets.

Feline Fandom
  • Cat Owners Unite-in Love!

It is also found that women think that owning a cat makes them more attractive. In addition, the studies also show that women prefer men with pets as it makes them appear nicer and 90% of them are more attracted to men with cats. So if you find your love life in a slump, hit the local shelter and share some love with a needy feline-you may find the love you put out comes back to you in the form of a new significant other-of the humanoid variety.

  • Stress-free life

One of the leading reasons for owning a cat is the reduction of anxiety and stress. It is scientifically proven that cats have a calming effect on their owners. Having a pet, especially a cat releases a chemical that has a calming attribute in our body which directly reduces stress and anxiety levels. 

The best thing about cats is how low maintenance they are. They are there for you when you need a snuggle but don’t beg for your attention the way a dog does. They’re pretty self-sufficient, so if the idea of being responsible for an animals’ life induces anxiety in you, rest assured it’s pretty difficult to screw up with a cat! As long as you can provide a safe home environment, daily food and water, and a yearly vet visit-you’ll be rewarded with upwards of 20 years of companionship that demands very little of you.

Feline Fandom
  • You don’t even have to own one to benefit!

Even watching cat videos daily can impact your emotional and mental health in a positive manner. Watching these videos are known to reduce negative emotions and enhance positive ones. Moreover, it also increases the energy levels of the viewers. In short, the next time you browse Youtube for videos, look for those cute cat clips.

  • Say goodbye to allergies

There is a misconception that cats are not good for kids but it is proven wrong, scientifically. On the contrary, kids aged under a year who are in contact with cats are likely to have immunity to all kinds of allergies. 

According to doctors, kids who are exposed to pets early in their life are less likely to have allergies associated with animals later in life. 

Feline Fandom
  • Purring=therepy?

We all know that cats purr but what you may not be aware of is these sounds have healing and soothing capabilities. The frequency at which the cats purr can make us feel comfortable and ease pain in the tendons and bones owing to its therapeutic abilities. 

  • What’s your experience?

Pet owners already know all the positive impacts their pets have had on their lives, but how would you convince a non-pet owner? In what specific ways have your cats improved your life? And don’t forget to reward your furry therapist with some catnip treats and toys so they can live a relaxed life as well!

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